Debt Consolidation Plan

Debt consolidation plan is central to any debt consolidation programme. When you go for credit and debt counseling or debt management advice, you will usually get a debt consolidation plan. A debt consolidation plan should not be confused with debt consolidation loan. Debt consolidation plan is not a loan. Lenders Debt Consolidation provides debt consolidation plan for every circumstance. Our debt consolidation programme will prove to be a significant step towards achieving financial freedom.

A debt consolidation plan is a simple way to consolidate and get out of debt. A debt consolidation plan will consolidate all your high interest unsecured debts into single and more affordable monthly repayment. This monthly repayment is paid proportionately to all your creditors over an agreed period of time. A debt consolidation plan at Lenders Debt Consolidation consolidates all types of debts like credit card debt, utility bills, medical bills, personal loans.

A debt consolidation plan is a carefully thought out programme. The monthly repayment that is calculated is formed after carefully studying your monthly income and expenditure. Therefore, this monthly repayment decided under debt consolidation plan is what the debtor can reasonably afford with his usual living expenses. Lenders Debt Consolidation provides a debt consolidation plan which ensures that a person sticks to his financial commitments without making any mistakes.

Debt consolidation plan with its details is then sent to the creditors for their approval. Besides including the term and monthly repayment it includes the borrower’s circumstances and a request to stop charging any further interest or changes. Once the creditor approves of debt consolidation plan, the debtor should keep making payments till the agreed time. If the debtor has any difficulty making the agreed payment, they can contact Lenders Debt Consolidation to re-negotiate with your creditors.





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